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Soup of the day with a small salad 6
Bruschetta – chopped tomato, garlic basil, olive oil and mozzarella 7
Crostini – warm goat cheese, pesto on toasted bread 8
Zaks Hummus w/Crooked Crepe Chips 6
Prosciutto Wrapped Apple and Goat Cheese Wedges 9
Homemade Zucchini Sticks – served with a tomato marinara sauce 7
Homemade Chicken Fingers 8
Homemade Mozzarella Sticks – served with a tomato marinara sauce 8
Shoe String French Fries 6


Fresh Mozzarella, Plum Tomato and Fresh Basil 8
Goat Cheese, Red Onion, Plum Tomato and Red Peppers 8
Sliced Prosciutto, Diced Mango, Toasted Almonds and Goat Cheese 11
Arugula, Granny Smith Apples, Walnuts and Goat Cheese w/lemon & oil dressing 9 (add breaded cutlet 3)
Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Sun-Dried Tomatoes 9
The Crooked Cobb – Soppressata, chicken, avocado, sun-dried tomato, goat cheese, red onion 12


Buckwheat crepe served with mesclun salad
Goat Cheese & Granny Smith Apple w/sides of Honey & Walnuts 9
Fresh Mozzarella, Plum Tomato & Chopped Basil 9 (add Prosciutto 3)
French Brie, Plum Tomato & Baby Arugula 9 (add Prosciutto)
Black Forest Ham, Jarlsberg Cheese & Sunny Side Egg 10 (add mushroom 2)
Bacon, Sharp Cheddar w/scrambled egg inside 10 (add spinach 2)
Sautéed Spinach w/garlic & red pepper flakes, Mushrooms w/thyme & Goat cheese 11
Sautéed Green & Yellow Zucchini, Onions, Homemade Pesto & Mozzarella 11
Sliced Chicken Breast, Sautéed Mushroom, Goat Cheese & Sun Dried Tomato 12 (add pesto 1)
Thinly Sliced Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, Diced Red Peppers & Arugula 11 (add spinach 2)
Sliced Soppressata, Fresh Mozzarella, Red Onion & Thyme Sautéed Mushrooms  12
Purple Fig Spread, French Brie, Sliced Granny Smith Apple, Arugula & Crispy Bacon 12
Merquez (Moroccan Lamb Sausage), Goat Cheese, Red Onion, Baby Arugula & Red Peppers 12

Whole Wheat Crepe with all purpose flour
Sugar, Butter & Lemon w/ Sprinkled Ground Cinnamon 5
Bonnie Maman Preserves – Strawberry, Apricot, Fig or Black Cherry 5
Belgium Milk Chocolate  6 (add banana or strawberry 1)
Nutella 6 (add banana 1 or add strawberry 2)
Homemade Dulce de Leche (caramel) 6 (add Banana or strawberry 2)
Creme de Marron & Whipped cream 7 (add strawberry 2)
Speculoos & Black Cherry Spread 7
Caramelized Apples 7 (add ice cream 2)
Fresh Mixed Fruit 7 (add any of our sweet ingredients 1)
Chocolate, Caramel & Banana 7
S’mores – Graham Cracker, Chocolate & Marshmallow Fluff 8
Chocolate, Fresh Mango & Toasted Almonds 8
Chocolate, Fresh Strawberries & Shredded Coconut 8
Fresh Banana & Strawberry topped with Honey 7
Peanut Butter, Strawberry Preserves & Banana 7
Grand Marnier w/ Chocolate & Fresh Strawberries 9

***ADD Vanilla Ice Cream 2 or Whipped Cream to any Crepe 1***


Served with 100% Pure Maple Syrup 7
Caramelized Apples – Vanilla Ice Cream 9
Chocolate – Fresh Strawberries & Shredded Coconut 8
Chicken & Waffle – Homemade Fried Cutlet 11


Choose Any 3 items from list – 11

Swiss, Cheddar, Brie, Goat Cheese, Spinach, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Sun Dried Tomato, Red Onion, Ham, Sliced Chicken, Grilled Chicken (3), Merguez, Soppressata, Bacon, Red Pepper.



GRILLED CHICKEN – marinated in olive oil with herbs and spices with a touch of lemon zest. Grilled to perfection, topped with melted mozzarella and fresh arugula. The bun is buttered, toasted and garnished with our homemade pesto. Get some! (Choice of Fries or Salad)
BBQ BEEF SANDWICH – bbq roast beef with melted mozzarella, sauteed white onions, smothered with bbq sauce…mmmmmmmmmm (Choice of Fries or Salad)
EGG & CHEESE (BACON or HAM) – Fried Egg with your choice of Cheddar or Swiss and Ham or Bacon. Served on a Toasted Challah Bun with our homemade herb butter. (Choice of Fries or Salad) 9



Grilled Cheese (w/Mayo) – Jarlsberg & Cheddar Cheese w/ Plum Tomato 7 (add bacon or ham 2)
Crooked B.L.T – Double Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato w/Mayo  8 (add egg or cheese 1)
Chicken, Lettuce, Plum Tomato, Mayo w/ Grilled Chicken or Breaded Chicken Cutlet 9
Fresh Mozzarella, Plum Tomato, Arugula, Basil & Olive Oil 8 (add Prosciutto 3)
“Home Cooked” Hot Roast Beef (served with Mayo) w/Jarlsberg, Mozzarella, Brie or Cheddar  10
Crooked Cheese Steak  w/sautéed onions, mayo, and Jarlsberg, Mozzarella, Brie or Cheddar 10
Chicken Parmesan – homemade Chicken Cutlet w/Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce 10
Crooked Veggie – Sautéed Spinach, Zucchini, Pesto & Mozzarella 11
Roast Beef, Mushroom, Jarlsberg, Arugula, Sautéed Onions &  Pesto 12
Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, Avocado, Sweet Red Peppers & Chipotle Mayo 12
Grilled Chicken, Goat Cheese, Sliced Granny Smith Apple, Arugula & Homemade Pesto 12
Chicken Cutlet, Mozzarella, Sautéed Spinach, Sliced Prosciutto & Mayo 12
Merquez (Moroccan Lamb Sausage), Goat Cheese, Red Onion, Baby Arugula & Red Peppers


Fresh Mozzarella, Plum Tomato, Arugula, Basil and Olive Oil 8 (add Prosciutto 3)
Baked Tofu, Avocado, Lettuce & Plum Tomato w/Tahini Spread 9 (add cheese 1)
Black Forest Ham, French Brie, Arugula & Plum Tomato w/Honey Mustard 9
Chicken (thinly sliced), Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato & Arugula 9
“Home Cooked” Roast Beef w/ Jarlsberg Cheese, Lettuce, Sweet Red Peppers & Mayo 10
Prosciutto, Sopressata, Mozzarella, Red Peppers & Olive Spread 11

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